Meet the sewing metalsmith

Memories are the threads that weave our lives together. Reflecting on where Julia's inspiration comes from, it comes from simple threads of everyday life. Evoking memories through jewelry and sewn items is her artistic foundation. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, the long winters gave her unique opportunities to flourish her creative mind, embrace her grandmother's sewing talents, and surround herself in her mother's passion to explore all avenues of the arts. These experiences pushed her creative abilities farther than she could ever envision.

Julia’s passion for the arts deepened when she earned a BFA from Maine College of Art. She refined her artistic knowledge and skills to become a more well-rounded artistan. 

Metalsmithing and sewing are the two mediums in the forefront of her work. Her inspirations comes from everyday materials that are housed in an assortment of containers. She explores the concept of triggering moments of life in simplistic usable art.

Throughout the years, the joy of people's expressions from her handmade jewelry and sewn items pushed her to create a place where her clients, family, and friends can view and purchase her work. In 2017, this vision became a reality. Artful Jules was born.